2009年11月24日 星期二


The past weekend was a definite fabulous one. I had a good day hanging out with my best friend J in IFC for pressie shopping. My brother brought us with loads of laughters and seems that he gets along with J's boyfriend so well! LOL!

This was taken outside IFC... mimicking that I got slippd and was about to fall onto the ground right next to the "caution! slippery floor" sign.

On Sunday all of us girls wenta my friend S' birthday barbecue party at taimeituk. The barbecue place was more decent than I expected and we had a fun day grilling food and flying kites. The whole day ended with cake-cutting, our beloved Maxim's Angel Cake again! (I still haven't had a chance to try out the chocolate Devil Cake though...)
Waiting for brother to be home coz I needa fetch him from downstairs and pay the taxi fare for him. Though he's turning 18 in less than 10 days, he's forever the young kid in my family's eyes.
Mom and my sister will be back in 852 tomorrow, and will join my grandparents for dinner right upon their arrival. I miss my grandparents! They are the loveliest old couple I have ever encountered! LOL!
Oh! My bro is back! woohoo!! Time to go to bed finally! Sweet dreams everyone! :)
(Zara Jacket, Leather Belt from Causeway Bay, Thrifted Top, Blue Hero Jeans, Louis Vuitton Bag, Rolex Watch)
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2009年11月23日 星期一

Lazy Artsy (2)

Here's a quick update!!

As I haven't taken any worth-posting pictures recently, I decided to put up these stuff I made some times ago (just to fill up the spaces here on the blog! hahaha)

Life has been quite joyful and fulfilling. Non-stop meeting up with friends and families, as well as juggling a few freelances marketing jobs on hand. I feel more like working in marketing than in education, still!

The hectic schedule sometimes makes me more aware of my presence. I can't say that work is my everything, but I really like taking up duties that can fill up my soul and fill up my bank account!

I haven't bought much recently as my savings is undergoing a seriously downward steep slope. I think I should be more careful with money and my own finance. I should stop taking cabs to work!!! (But cabs are just everywhere so I couldn't resist the accessibility...geez)

So... back to the pictures I posted above.

The top one was made ages ago. I like the glossy and disco-ball-like beads and I felt like having a not-so-high-profile necklace back in that time. I know disco balls are usually high profile, but I tried my best to make this necklace. It ended up to be one of my favs coz it can simply go with all outfits.

The second necklace is made on Mid-Autumn Festival, while waiting for my friends' call regarding our celebrations on that night. I had been longing for a super long necklace but I could never find a nice one, so I'd rather make mine.

The last one is a pouch I made for my best friend as birthday pressie. I used this Japanese fabric my mom bought me and I love it soooo much. One imperfection is the handle.... the leather doesn't look like leather and it looks too fragile on the bag... I tried to look for a chain but I couldn't get anything out of shamshuipo the other day...

Anyways, enough talking and sleeping is needed now!! good night everyone! ;)
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2009年11月18日 星期三

Hark! Daughters of the Great St. Paul

Back to school with some of my besties for graduation photo-taking. It has been 6 years since I left the school...time flies! I have to admit that we all look a lot maturer, yet we are still the same old us!

I still remember we used to take photos every single day at school and we shamelessly (and endlessly) made the most random poseys in those pictures. One classical picture would be we all rushed into the tuck shop and took photo with the shop owner "Uncle 6". However, I was shocked to know that the tuck shop is now gone and is replaced by a red velvet backdrop for photo-taking (the backdrop in the first pic)... I miss "Uncle 6's" fish balls and instant noodles!!!

Anyhow, congrats to the grad girls and I love you all!!

(Agnes b Scarf, Top from Japan, Cotton On Cardigan, H&M Pants, Marks & Spencer Booties)
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2009年11月17日 星期二

Lazy Artsy (1)

Given that I work half-day only, I got plenty of leisure time at home alone on most of the afternoons. I like spending relaxing afternoons with chocolates and TV, but I am also fond of getting my hands on making some little gifts for my dearies.
I put all the accessories I made under the name of "Lazy Artsy" because they were made due to my constant laziness and reluctance to get out of my little cozy apartment. They were made for self-entertainment purposes and I rarely wear them actually! HAHA~ Most of them were given to my friends and of coz my sis!

I gave this to my best friend J because I think the white-ness of these earrings suits her pure character so much. She is definitely the most adorable and genuine friend of mine!

I call these the "evening" version of the earrings for J because of the gold and bronze colours. They are still one of my fav and I wear them almost everyday!

My first pair of felt earrings. I like the colours and they remind me of the local stars in the affluent 80s entertainment industry! I can picture Anita Mui (one very famous diva in the 80s) wearing them singing "hung suin lid yim" (meaning "red lips").

This necklace was made accidentally. Actually it is composed of 2 gold chain bracelets and one pearl necklace. I put them together because the chain bracelets were too long for my wrists (how sad...) Although my mom kept saying that it looks very oldie, my grandma complimented it (so it looks REAL old! lol)
Actually there are many more but I am too sleepy to write more now. Oh... one more thing, my random brother's back and he's extremely annoying! Luckily my boyfriend is equally random so I just leave my bro to him for most of the time. I'm grateful to have a considerate (and random) bf like my hubby! :)
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2009年11月12日 星期四

Easy to Carry

Had a nice day out with my friend "Easy To Carry" (she doesn't want her name to be published, but her name sounds like "easy to carry" in Cantonese). It has been 2 years since we last met up and both of us didn't change in the slightest bit! HAHAHA!

I'm the grinding sesame master! See how serious I look! LOL!!!

There's no way that you can hide from me! HAHAHA

She's definitely my best (and most evil) shopping buddy who kept persuading me to be consumerist. Luckily, she ended up finding me more persuasive when it comes to urging people to buy and she bought a lot more than I did!!!

(Random Top, Muji Cardigan, H&M Scarf and Belt, Zara Jeans, Philip Stein Watch)

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2009年11月11日 星期三


I am not talking about the "cosplay" Lolitas, I am talking about the movie "Lolita" filmed in 1997.

I used to think that it's an X-rated movie (LOL). However, after watching it with my hubby today, I couldn't hold back my tears surprisingly.

I was also shocked by Lolita's (starred Dominique Swain) beauty in the film. She is real gorgeous!

I fell in love with her costumes in the movie, too! As the movie was set in the 1940s, the costumes were very vintage-looking, and I was surprised to see the Olsens' twins look-a-like circle-framed sunnies on Dominique!

Oh... and she was wearing the black and white oxford shoes too!

They remind me of my dear old school and the school anthem was stuck in my mind for almost the entire day! HAHAHA

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2009年11月9日 星期一


i haven't really been studying recently though my exam is tomorrow. haha!
and i even have been shopping twice this week! love chaddie & westfield.

and the other day my darling bought me a pj set from Peteralexander for my birthday this thursday! whenever i went pass Peteralexander at chaddie i'll just walk in unconsciously.
I LOVE PETERALEXANDER!! i recommend all girls to have a visit to peteralexander's page to see the catalogue. but for guys...hmm..to be honest, i think peteralexander is made for women......only... *wink* as in...i personally don't really like the designs of the pj's for men. Peter should only focus his career on women. :P

anyway...and TODAY! today i went shopping with my mom at westfield. she bought me a top and a pair of shorts with white-dots prints, and also O.P.I. nail polish. i love the shorts in particular because it looks like a skirt but in fact it's a pair of shorts. and the "YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES . matte." nail polish ive got is just FUN!!

mom keeps complaining about the ugliness of the nail polish on my fingers as the "finishing product", but i just think it looks like chocolate on my fingers!! how cute is that! hehehe.

actually i have more photos to show but they're all in my bf's laptop and i shall get them soon. ;)

and last..but not least....I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO HONG KONG!! the melting hot weather in melbourne now is killing me...i can just sweat like hell by sitting in my car with the windows opened waiting for my lil brother to come out from the school building.

2009年11月8日 星期日

Lace on my back

A top that I bought the other day with my favourites being put together. Puffy shoulders and lace are my fav this season and I have never expected that I could find a top with these being put so nicely together, at a very very cheap price! Btw.. please tolerate the messiness of my apartment! :P I am too busy (lazy) to clean up! HAHAHA

(Thrifted Top, Harem Pants from Causeway Bay)

I had a really good time today because I am busy working on a marketing project for my friend's entertainment company. It is a very BIG project that will be sent to the government but I wasn't very stressed out to my surprise! I enjoyed working and researching on it very much! After all, comparing with being an English teacher, I prefer Marketing over everything!

I am happy also because my hubby bought me a pair of new earphones and the new Joanna Wang CD. One of the best CDs I've ever listened!

Time to go to bed... working Monday again tomorrow... GEEZ!!

2009年11月7日 星期六

An exhausted week with loads of FUN!!!

I have been away for a while given my hectic schedule, and now it's a Saturday night that I can finally have a bit of update!

(Mango Top, Supre Leggings, Louis Vuitton Bag)

My life hasn't been quite stable recently... I admit that I am really weak at adapting to dynamic environment, that's why I struggled a lot to go through this tiring week! Luckily I got a really good boyfriend who's willing to be with me unconditionally when I'm at my downs. Thank you hubby!

Also, thanks to my girlies! You mean a lot to me and you have taught me important lessons in life.

I admit that I look very "legendary" in this picture! HAHAHA!!!!

I wanted to work on some DIY projects but I was too busy to handle this. I hope I can get them done after I have completed other projects I got on hand.

Time to go to bed and wish you all a sweet and nice weekend!

2009年11月2日 星期一

Thanks God It's A Party Friday!!!!

Last Friday was the Halloween Party at school and my best friend's birthday party. The Halloween Party was of great fun!!! The kids all dressed up as pumpkins, witches and princesses and thought that they would have fun on a party day, but they didn't expect that they ended up all crying their eyes out for the entire day! LOL!!
My colleague dressed up as a witch and I simply dressed in all black. However, the red PVC stickers helped me with creating this haunted look a lot.

In the evening Iwenta my best friend's birthday tram party! It's like a culture in Hong Kong where people here like hosting parties on this traditional transport. We had lots of fun and I haven't been in sucha stress free and happy mode for I-don't-know-how-long!!

The theme of our party is 'Nerdiness' and that's why all of us put on the nerdy specs during the party!

I had sucha great night on Friday and thanks to my hubby who came over to fetch me home :P hahah!! LOVE YOU!!!
It's getting super cold today, and I wrapped myself with 3 sweaters and a scarf at work today... Good to know that temperature will rise again tomorrow! I am already missing the hot summer days! HAHAH!!
Needa scribble on the research report that I am working on...grrrr.....Have a nice day everyone! ;)