2009年12月21日 星期一


I'm seriously considering to open up my own personal blog rather than co-owning this blog with my sister. The most apparent reason for this is because she NEVER updates! AHAHAHAHAH

Yea... maybe I should really do so...

My blog is never fashion-related, it's just a blog for me to vent personal thoughts and experiences. I am never a very fashionable person, and I know clearly that I like thinking more than shopping. Yet, I must admit that I am a 100% authentic shopaholic who doesn't need a second thought once her targets are locked.

Also I must admit that my styles were very horrible in the past. It wasn't until my boy's presence that I started taking care of what I wear. A typical Sagittarian like me used to think that comfort overrides trends! :)

Gosh...I am giving lectures again and please bear with the boredom of this post. LOL!

Oh Yeah! I am meeting up with my best friend today and we gonna do some "X'mas boyfriend shopping". We gonna buy christmas gifts for our boys together and it has been a long time since we last did some serious shopping together. Thanks to the Winter Solstice, so that my best friend can off work at 4PM (which is like a dream to the PR profession)!

Gonna have English class in a while! Needa work hard for Christmas and New Year shopping! HAHAHA

2009年12月9日 星期三

Finally 24

So I have finally turned 24 on the 8th. It wasn't a fabulous birthday but it must be an unforgettable one.

The intense tummy ache has blown off my hubby's birthday surprises for me as I had stayed at home for the entire day.

You can see from the pictures that I look super sick and my eyes are so swollen and "baggy" HAHAHA

I really love this last picture. I can still see the smoke after I blew off the candles! HAHAHA

I'm now a year maturer and older. My hubby told me that he didn't find me as young-looking as I did when he first met me (it actually sounds very logical and normal), but I felt a bit depressed by this... hahaha! Maybe I'm starting to scare that he may dump me one day coz I look too old! HAHAHAH

Although I had been totured by tummy pain, my birthday morning at work was filled with sweetness and warmth. When I stepped into each classroom, I would be welcomed by the birthday song sang by my students! Many of them came up to hug me after singing and I was drowned in the sea of kids! HAHAHA! I could hardly breathe but I do love my students!

Kids never lie, so I could feel their genuine blessings to me.

Thanks again for those who have blessed/texted/called me with birthday blessings. I do love you all!

2009年12月5日 星期六


My besties held a pre-birthday party for me last night at a cafe in Causeway Bay. This cafe claims itself to be the "slowest cafe in town" because there's only one chef doing all the cooking and drinks. However, the food are worth waiting because they all tasted so GOOD!!! For those who reside in Hong Kong, you may be interested in visiting this lovely place.

My friends got me this Strawberry Napoleon from Mimosa. They just know my taste too well!!Again, for those dessert-cravers in Hong Kong, you must try this out!!! This must be one of the best strawberry napoleons in town!

Thank you all!!!!



Thanks for all the laughters, cakes, giggles, presents, food and everything! I am so blessed and glad to have you all in my life! I mean it! I know all of you have been very busy recently, but thanks for sparing a night for coming and arranging everything for me!

Oh yeah, I have dyed my hair back to reddish brown. My mom dyed it for me at home and her hair dying skills was unbelievable! Bye-bye to the notorious "leng mo" (i.e. young models in Hong Kong) hair colour!

Needa go to visit the doctor in a while as I have been sick for 2 days already... Though the medicine did help soothing the symptoms I suffered from, the big evil cup of yummy chocolate I had last night made my throat feels really bad again. The fluctuating weather makes people sick very easily...

Will have a job interview with a marketing firm tomorrow. Still wondering what I should wear for it...Maybe I will pay a visit to H&M or Zara later in the day to look for some more formal outfits.

Obviously, I like manipulating every excuse to treat myself some new clothes! HAHA

(Supre Hoodie & Tank, Cotton On Cardigan, H&M Skirt & Earrings, Random Tights, Diamond Ring from Hubby)

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2009年12月2日 星期三



I was stunned when I first saw this picture

I love her hair I love her lips I love her eyes I love her jacket I love her blouse I love her EVERYTHING! I suddenly feel that life is really unfair... There is this group of gifted girls who possess porcelain-like face and perfect long limbs, who can be taken care of by the top make-up artists in the world, and who can make a fortune by walking a few miles during fashion weeks every season... I feel a bit depressed when I look into the mirror and see the exact opposite to these girls everyday! lol!

However, I do believe that being beautiful is not the privilege of the gifted group. Everyone has her own distinct characters that make them special to her loved ones' eyes. We are always trapped in the normative standards of "beauty" and can't help mimicking "stylish icons" out there in the celebrity circles. It is not the rule to being stylish, it's only the rule to be a copycat.

I used to think that I will be beautiful if I can dress like a star. However, the more I study, the more I realize real beauty comes from one's inner self. Never judge a book by its cover.

A little update of myself.

My family is back and now the 5 of us are squished in a hotel apartment that's not even 700 sq ft. My mom has been complaining about how small the apartment is, and how long it takes her to cook for us with only one stove! HAHAHA! However, it's always fun to see my mom being grumpy! HAHAHA!!

Another thing is, it's my random bro's birthday today! My mom and I bought him a PSPgo as birthday present, but he didn't show the slightest level of excitement. Maybe I should have bought him a Prada tote instead (as hinted by him but I didn't get it)! hahahah!

Oh! My mom has finally finished shower! It's my turn now! Woohoo!!

Nice day everyone :)

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