2009年10月31日 星期六

One of my weakest...

BAGS!!! How can it not be BAGS??!!?

I buy all kinds of bags, from the most peculiar to the most formal ones, and I made bags too! Apart from those logo-bombarded ones and the super delicate tiny clutches that can't actually hold a thing, I wanna get each and every one of them home!!!

My WANTED bags this season:

(Image Credit: Style.com)
Top down: Stella McCartney, Roger Vivier, Marni, Loewe,Givenchy
Delicious bags! They are too evil to be discovered when my bank account is draining! HAHA

2009年10月28日 星期三

im here finally

oh well, PATRICIA LEUNG i am here finally!

i have been being "studious" these days to finish up my VERY LAST ASSIGNMENT for my entire bachelor degree. but i have just completed 2/3 of it. another few hundreds to a thousand to write.

my brain has no capacity for any fashion or whatever recently because apparently i scratched my car the other day when i was parking into the garage (which is pretty stupid actually) and im figuring out the cheapest way to get it fixed. :(
such a mendokusai thing ne. i wish there's just money dropping from the sky from now. T_T

but then i went to karaoke like two to three times last week firstly because of my darling's birthday, and the other two times we just went there for fun. HAHA.

i need some shopping! i want to get a watch because mine's not working. and i want a pair of sunnies..Chanel is a good choice ;) and i just need to eliminate some fat before i buy any tops or trousers/shorts. so perhaps i need to wait till november when im back in 852.

the scratches on my car...some dents too. :(

and a surprise dinner for my darling's 22nd! btw, i love this camelhead. lol


my Japanese class buddies :)

nice walk at Doncaster public park. loving the weather now <3 style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">again, i need to continue with my assignment. barbi on Friday so i better finish it asap!!


oh!! and this!!! this is like the coolest thing ive found in the garden. lol.
it was really fascinating to me.

Fake Gems Earrings

This is a super easy peasy project that costs you only a few (HK) dollars. All you need to do is to stick the fake gems and sequins onto a piece of black felt and to do a little bit of cutting.

What you may need to get for this project include:

Earring, hooks, fake gems and sequins. As simple as these!


1. Stick the fake gems and sequin onto a piece of black felt. Place everything in your desired positions and glue them with White Glue. Let it Dry.

2. Cut out the earrings and leave a margin of 1-2mm (upon your preferences). Prick a tiny hole with a pin/needle for easier attachment of the hooks.

Oooopsy! Seems that all my entries are about DIYs now... I have been wanting to do some outfit posts but my narcissistic bf is too obsessed with being photo shot by me and is quite reluctant to take photos of me (well... I always think that I am more like the "man" in our relationship).
Anyways, I will try my best to coerce him to be my photographer, but.....HOW!? The only way that pops up in my mind at this moment is to hypnotize him.
Needa get up as early as usual tmr. Good night everyone!

2009年10月22日 星期四

From a Cardigan to a Belt

The birth of this "belt" was inspired by an agnes b belt I discovered the other day at Festival Walk.

The following is another cropped cardi from H&M. I actually love it very much, but I couldn't fit into a size 32 by any means (didn't know why I'd get it...), thus I decided to give it a new look.

You can see how adorable those golden glitters are on the cardi... However, I am gonna give it a cruel cut!

I am using the fabric covering the bottom 3 buttons, given my desired width of the belt and my waist measurement. A cropped cardi is ideal for this project because the bottom part of it is very close to my waist measurement.

Place the fabric on the floor as follow. Leave around 1.5cm at the top and bottom parts of the fabric and draw 2 horizontal lines (i.e. red lines in the picture). Fold the fabric into half, with right side hiding. Sew the 2 red lines together securely.

After sewing the red lines, you will see a fabric tube with its wrong side facing you. Flip the fabric tube over with the right side facing you instead (as follow).

Cut out one of the sleeves and hoop around the fabric tube.

NOTE: I keep the buttons and the button holes intentionally because they can be good "buckles" of the belt. You can hide the buttons by adjusting the hoop on the belt.

2009年10月20日 星期二

Star Light, Star Bright

As I gained an extra (sick) holiday, I remade this old cropped cardi from H&M out of extreme boredom.

So what you need for this project are listed as follows:

And not to mention the above plain black cardi.

The whole thing is really easy. Simply sew the silver beads onto the cardigan in a random manner upon your preferences, and it is DONE!

The silver beads that sets in the black cardigan reminds me of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars". Too much influence from my work...HAHA

My Muse: Miroslava Duma

Broad or power shoulders are perceived as the number one not-to-have for petite people. Therefore, I always admire people who can carry dramatic shoulders with elegance.

(Image Credit: Citizen Couture)

Miroslava Duma, a Russian fashion editor, is definitely one of those whom I admire.

2009年10月18日 星期日

Should I Get This?

I am thinking of getting this burgundy top from Zara... As they only got a size M so I am still struggling whether to get it or not...

I love the sleeves and the colour, but if I gonna wear it in winter, then the sleeves detail will be gone/hidden under the jacket...Although it isn't very marked-up, I needa be cautious when it comes to buying clothes now.. the clothes inside my closet are SLIDING!!!

Oh! by the way... Priscilla Leung, where are you?!?!!!?!

(H&M Earrings, Zara Top, Miss Sixty Jeans, Milan Wedges)

2009年10月17日 星期六

A Working Saturday

I know it was listed on my employment contract that there are occasions where all native English teachers (NETs) will have to work on weekends; however, when those "occasions" come to me, I just can't help moaning about the school.
Today is one of these "occasions" which I have to work on a Saturday. It's the school's open day and I seriously think that it's quite badly organized...but who cares? We are NETs who aren't supposed to know Cantonese, so there wasn't much that we could help out apart from doing our part (well I admit that I use to be very "hea", i.e. slack off, at work).

I was making "sushi" in my froggy-like uniform in the visual art room today.

And here are my "sushi"! So real, aren't they? (you must say "they are" because they do look real! LOL)

After work I met up with my hubby, and we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for some window shopping. We then headed to the pier for a relaxing walk.

Typical tourist photos... I wasn't the only Hongky taking this kinda photo tho lol! (I have to admit that my hair looks like a wig in this pic! HAHAH)

My DIY earrings... this is just one of the hundreds that I have made, but I am so fond of these recently.

Took these on our way home.

Really love the city that I am living in.

(Jacket from Causeway Bay, Sonia Rykiel Striped Top, Miss Sixty Jeans, Venilla Suite heels, DIY Earrings, Just Cavailli Bag)

Coziness Persists

Oversized pullover is the best expression of coziness.

(H&M Pullover and Leggings, DIY Earrings, Just Cavalli Bag, Jelly Beans Flats)

2009年10月15日 星期四


Due to my innate laziness and inclination to coziness, I fell in love with this multi-way scarf by DKNY instantly. As evidenced by the name "Cozy", the scarf enables you to play with it in many ways without compromising its coziness and comfort.
(Image credit: DKNY)

Visit the following link to check out the ways that you can play with the scarf. Although by constantly wrapping the scarf around the model's body reminds me of the ancient Egyptian mummies, the video is so awesome that I am sure you will regret from not watching it!


2009年10月14日 星期三

Going Red

I can wear everything black from head to toes. Therefore, I still cannot believe that I have bought this big red cardigan.

I felt like a red packet walking on the street yesterday, and I found myself inappropriate to put on this big red cardigan when CNY is yet to come. Winter has not even arrived in HK now!

I had a great day having fabric shopping in Shamshuipo yesterday. I bought some very nice magenta fabric that I will be using to make clutches and pouches! My friend and I had also bought some nerdy specs for our upcoming tram party at the end of this month!WOOHOO!

(Chanel Cardigan & Earrings)

2009年10月11日 星期日

What A Coincidence!

My jaw dropped after reading the previous entry by my sister. I just got a new camera today too! (Thanks to the prolonged absence of the charger of my previous camera...)

It is a Lumix LX3 and I bought this also under the advice of my hubby (as he was a photography tutor of some online courses before)!

(Image Credit: dcfever)

And thanks to the money spent on the camera, I gained a $50 Park'N'Shop coupon in a lucky draw at Festival Walk! (Seems that I am more happy with the coupon...)

Therefore, I can finally take some quality pictures from now on! :)

Ohohoh... Hong Kong is finally getting cold now! Winter is there at the corner (and so as my winter clothes! Woohoo!)